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Mobile APP into metal mold industry development of new power electricity supplier

Date:2015/09/18 From: Views:3207

  This short five years, in 2008-2013 China mold industrial output increased from 908.066 billion yuan to 1.845 trillion yuan, sales income increased from 86.196 billion yuan to 86.196 billion yuan. Mold production scale up year by year in our country. The size of the market continues to expand, shows the mould industry wide development prospects.

  With the speeding up of the intelligent handset industry technology upgrade speed, products with each passing day, with smartphones, tablets, pos machine, such as electronic label intelligent handset more and more applied in various industries, efficient and convenient management for enterprise operation. On the mobile terminal is the inevitable demand of market for precision mold industry development.

  Mold is the foundation of industrial production technology and equipment, known as the "mother of the industry. 75% of the rough machining parts, industrial products 50% of the processed parts by mold molding, the vast majority of plastic products (10790, 75.00, 0.69%) and by mold molding. As the foundation of the national economy industry, mould involving machinery, automobile, light industry, electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and other industries, the application range is very wide. The rapid development of heavy industry in our country, especially in automotive manufacturing and the development of the IT manufacturing, pull the mould industry developed rapidly in our country, the mould level enhancement, the excellent mold manufacturing equipment for our country mold industry technology level.

  Precision mold APP for the vast number of manufacturers and consumers to provide information services at the same time, relying on the mold market resources advantages, to provide manufacturers in the mold industry promotion planning solution, and always adhere to the integration of upstream and downstream resources, service mould industry as own duty, accurately grasp the trend of the development of e-commerce, to create a content in the product, service mechanism, etc were ahead of his industry professional mobile client application。 According to nine is building materials is understood, at present, precision mould has been formed in the APP to supply and demand information, product display, business directory, business information, fair information and business community as the main body of the information platform。 Involved in product line covers mold, machinery, industrial supplies, machinery and equipment, chemical, electronic electrician, tools, etc。 Has realized the online business platform from a single sales model to the transition of the traditional marketing and network marketing effective integration, as the rapid development of industry has injected new impetus。

  For precision mold industry, to become the industry leading position, must follow the pace of the mobile Internet era, using the latest technology and equipment, and actively explore the most excellent management and marketing channels, is the best way of business.

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