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Cloud computing has been incorporated into the mold industry information technology development planning

Date:2015/09/18 From: Views:3030

  With the gradual development of mould industry in our country, the transformation and upgrading is mould industry from large to strong path, to promote independent innovation ability, the main high-end products, cultivating brand, improve quality, do well the two fusion, specialization and stronger.

  It is understood that in 2012 China mould association released 133 mould industry list of key leading enterprise, is advantageous to the transformation and upgrading, in the industry have very good response; Mold industry 2012 won six of the machinery industry science and technology prize, three second prize, third prize 3 items;

河北快3   In 2012 Shanghai international exhibition on the mold, assess the fine die award 146 items, including 27 items first prize at or near the international advanced level; Nine plastic mold manufacturing enterprises won the "2012 China machinery industry quality brand" title; In December of 2012, China mould association technical committee recommended national new product 20, 2013 machinery industry science and technology awards nominated five; There are 18 products and two construction projects were included in the 2012 national key new product and national torch plan;

河北快3   Mold industry lean innovation service platform project has started, digital industry informatization level continuously improve, automated production line and mass customization production already had good start, cloud computing has begun to enter mould industry。

河北快3   Chinese enterprises to purchase foreign mold enterprise to enhance the self situation continues to develop; Construction of industrial concentration area, scale, the level of sustainable development and improve, and is gradually to the high-end development; Innovative talents and the cultivation of talents and skilled talents has also made a result, China mould association mold talent training base has grown to 86, mechanical industry skill appraisal function mold sub-center identified more than 3600 people throughout the year, and so on。

  Not only that, science and technology is the fastest, the best way of societe generale has become a consensus of China mold and die industry, so a boom of science and technology, China mold and die industry is on the rise in the technology boom, driven by China's mold industry is rapidly developing.

  In order to improve the research level of enterprises, improve the mold of the technological content of products, mould enterprise situation in China: according to nine is building materials is understood, some enterprises through cooperation with colleges and universities, from the college introduced the research achievements, talents, or joint research new scientific and technological achievements, and to apply these results to the production of enterprises, to produce a new type, high technological content, good quality of mold products.

  For those who own enterprise research and development ability is stronger, is through the way of increase investment in scientific research, constantly improve the production technology of the die. And other enterprises through the introduction of foreign advanced mold production technology, equipment, at higher mold production technology platforms, second innovation, in order to obtain new mold production technology, to promote enterprise development.

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