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Foshan hardware industry to take advantage of the establishment of the transition to the Internet + build Amoy network

Date:2015/09/18 From: Views:2959

  With the implementation of the strategy of national Internet +, as China's reform and opening up the forefront of foshan enterprises also accelerated into the Internet industry。 Hardware industry well-known enterprises in foshan, foshan city, 7, longitudinal and electronic commerce co。, LTD。 Jointly built for the nets, created with modern Internet to develop the international market。

  Build Internet three founders Wu Jiqing, Zhu Naichu, Chen RongLie and from the pearl river delta region hundreds of head of hardware companies to share their successful experience in hardware industry more than 20 years. You think that, as the most common society the most basic hardware products and related accessories, full of particularity. Times, the Internet + thinking development from Internet, from the PC Internet power business development to the mobile Internet. As a dedicated hardware industry enterprise must be injected to the industry a complete Internet thinking, a set of real is suitable for the Internet hardware industry operation thinking. Because only adapt to the big time focused on hardware industry thinking brought by the substantial change.

  The hardware dealer thinks, in the electronic commerce and the Internet is popular today, it was lost on the industry thinking and related products, low-key, slow running。 On one side is a rotary fixed state of industry; Side is a growing consumer market, changes occur various new requirements, collision predictable results。 So build Internet is adapt to changing times and the needs of the development of the market, dealers and consumers also need a new, quick and convenient electronic commerce platform。

  It is reported, September 10 solstice 12, China (guangdong) international exposition "Internet +" will be held in foshan city center in central Europe. According to foshan city technology bureau chief xue-jun hu, as the first domestic "Internet +" fair, this year will be intelligent manufacturing as the core theme, show "Internet +" cutting-edge technology and its application in manufacturing, financial, trade and business, the depth of the urban construction and management, etc.

  Foshan, as China's famous manufacturing base, the ceramics, furniture, hardware, mechanical equipment, food, beverage and other industries will be in a timely manner industrial upgrading transformation, with strong technical reserves to meet the new wave of technology.

  Home building decoration materials chamber of commerce in guangdong province young entrepreneurs committee secretary general, said Yang Chuanhui e-commerce in China in recent 20 years of development, breaking the traditional business model, have created the economic and commercial myth stories and legendary figures。 As countries will be further upgraded to Internet + Internet thinking, with national level level to fully promote the coming of the web 2。0 era。 For guangdong hardware industry is both challenge and opportunity, believe that will build Internet to play their role in the development of the hardware industry in guangdong province。

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