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Many factors UV LED market date of such a "Red Sea"?

Date:2015/09/18 From: Views:5262

  In LED the boom of a glut on the market with poor background, UV and infrared LED, automotive lighting is regarded as the most potential high gross margin of market segment, make positive manufacturer for profit space layout of new application fields.

  Relative to the already in "red sea" competition, the white LED, UV LED market is a piece of blue ocean, outlook is immeasurable。 But owing to the high threshold of UV LED technology, chip and packaging technology is not mature enough, the business model is still in groping, lead to the industrialization process is relatively slow。

  As the country of the UV LED strengthening policy support, the increasing market demand, once the UV LED chip industry chain and packaging technology to realize breakthrough, most enterprises will be pouring in, promote the industrialization of rapid development。

  Efficient chip is the key to mass production

  High efficiency of the chip r&d progress or UV LED market is the key to growth, will directly affect the penetration of UV LED。

  Ultraviolet sterilization of effective wavelength range can be divided into four different wavelengths: uv-a (400-315 nm), UV - B (315-280 nm), UV - C (280-200 nm) and vacuum UV (200-100 nm). Really have antiseptic effect is UV ultraviolet - C, because it is easily absorbed by the DNA of the organism, especially by about 253.7 nm UV LED is the best. UV LED has been popular in the field of purification and disinfection purposes the reason is that the UV - C reach enough efficiency.

  At present, 90% uv LED application market mainly concentrated in the 365-405 nm band, used for curing。 Uv LED curing effect of glue is decided by light initiator material absorption。 For most light initiator material, the shorter the absorption rate is higher, the shorter wavelength at 405 nm have a high absorption rate。 From this perspective, the theory is used for curing uv LED should try to use short wavelength leds。

  In practice, however, due to the uv-a can use gallium nitride (GaN) and high luminous efficiency of indium gallium nitrogen (InGaN). And UV and UV B - C structure is difficult to grow and low luminous efficiency of aluminum gallium nitrogen (AlGaN) material, can't use nitrogen gallium and indium gallium nitride materials, because these two kinds of material can absorb ultraviolet light, can lead to UV and UV B - C of luminous efficiency is much lower. Original UV and UV B - C band LED luminous efficiency is only 10% - 10% of uv-a. To sum up, uv LED with a longer wavelengths LED curing effect would be better.

  Although the shorter the wavelength of ultraviolet LED luminous efficiency is lower, but the price is more expensive。 As the wavelength of 365 nm to 280 nm gradually shortened, preparation of increasing difficulty。 Now, UV, UV - B - C LED price is about 10 times the price of uv-a LED, uv-a wavelength of 365 nm is mainly used in LED prices is another major application of 385-405 - nm wavelength leds 2-3 times。

Improve the efficiency of internal quantum efficiency, injection and light extraction efficiency, flip chip structure and optoelectronics, etc can be directly used for UV LED efficiency technology。 But there the UV LED from In/AlGaN epitaxial layer of natural subject, need from the substrate and the crystal growth level to promote research and development, dedicated to solve this issue。

  To solve this problem, the UV LED epitaxial growth mechanism need enterprise continuous input, because it is much more complicated than normal blu-ray epitaxial growth, traditional MOCVD is not suitable for its growth, so you need to understand its growth mechanism, custom-made equipment to the MOCVD enterprise, or independent research and development of MOCVD equipment.

  Restricted by uv LED technology at present stage, the longer the wavelength ultraviolet band selection of chip, the better。 First of all, the longer the wavelength ultraviolet chip, chip itself, the external quantum efficiency is higher, such as Japan's mitsubishi wire industry and Stanley electrical and yamaguchi university jointly released figures showing that the wavelength of 400 nm external quantum efficiency is nearly two times of 380 nm。      Secondly, using the longer wavelength uv chip, the more conducive to improving the RGB conversion efficiency of phosphor。 Because the ultraviolet excitation wavelength, the greater the RGB between their respective wavelength and ultraviolet wavelengths gap is smaller。 Before and after the wavelength of the gap, the greater the wavelength conversion of light energy difference。 The energy difference will be converted to heat, will eventually reduce converted to light energy。 Then, the shorter the wavelength of ultraviolet, the higher requirement for packaging material, leakage of uv light, the greater the damage to the environment, to achieve the standard of environmental protection。 Finally, the technology of preparing near ultraviolet chip preparation of uv and deep ultraviolet chip than mature technology, chip costs will be lower。

  Packaging technology is not yet mature

  Like chips, UV LED packaging technology is still immature. Can realize to inorganic UV LED encapsulation, rarely slightly backward encapsulation technology, therefore to seek a stable and reliable way of packaging has become very urgent.

河北快3   At present, the domestic is still used for UV LED chips encapsulation of white LED encapsulation mode, can to a certain extent, meet the requirement for reliability and low market demand. Since almost all white LED encapsulation adopted different level resin type of organic materials, so in the process of UV LED encapsulation, it will appear the following three aspects.

  First, accelerate the oxidation of organic material, uv radiation, reduce the service life of the product. Especially for below 365 nm band, visible light LED encapsulation mode can't meet their requirements. Because with shorter wavelengths, strong radiation energy, the organic resin material UV resistance fell sharply, affect the service life of the UV LED and stability.

  Second, the thermal stress lead to failure. In fact, mainly USES the traditional way of visible light packaging must exist two interface of organic and inorganic substances. On the thermal effect, inorganic substance is much smaller than organic material thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore lead to the problem of thermal stress in the pulling, cause product failure.

河北快3   Third, wet stress and intrusion resulted in failure. Silicon or silicon resin in different degree, there is a air permeability, the switching transients, the cause of failure due to moisture evaporation. Also because of the air permeability of other impurities into produce inevitable failure.

  To solve the above problems, some foreign UV LED manufacturers launched using glass encapsulation of UV LED, in the encapsulation structure still cannot avoid using organic filler material or organic binder material, can only try to be less organic encapsulation materials, and reduce the attenuation caused by organic material, damp and hot stress lead to failure of the problems.

河北快3   Obviously, the organic material is the key to affect the UV LED life and stability。 It makes the device cannot achieve the tightness of encapsulation, lead to the LED reliability experiments of hot and cold cycle there is a huge risk。 Similar TO way of laser on UV -c LED encapsulation, can avoid TO use organic materials TO packaging, its technology is quite mature, in terms of stability is also quite outstanding。 And can adapt to SMT (Surface Mount Technology) process of SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) encapsulated way temporarily is not yet mature, its reliability and application remains to be further developed。

  Cost constraints market promotion

  At present, UV LED is high margin market, some companies at home and abroad come to layout. But relative to the competition heats up the LED lighting field, enter the UV LED a handful of enterprise, such as Jason electric, xu Ming LED LED (SEMI) and Japan, South Korea, the United States.

  As in the next few years one of the most promising market segments, UV LED by major manufacturers, but now is still in the market cultivation stage. As technology and the price has yet to cut into the massive market opportunity, most manufacturer to remain on the sidelines. With the expanding of market demand, there will be more enterprises to participate in UV LED the market competition.

High technical threshold and scarce equipment make the UV LED companies have been in a state of input. UV LED lighting products for large-scale promotion and application must solve the high cost, low luminous efficiency and weak intellectual property problem.

  At present, UV LED prices high, mostly content with rare for expensive。 Chip and encapsulation technology not mature enough, at the same time tailored MOCVD equipment costs, and UV LED epitaxial wafer production and roa also became the key factor to cost down。 "Blu-ray extension a batch of more than 100 pieces, UV LED can't。" But Qingdao Wu Shuai Jason electric co。, LTD。, deputy general manager, said Dr When market demand price will come down。

  Obviously any industry early, the most effective way to reduce costs is to improve the technology. Ritsumeikan university researchers recently, Japan has developed a low cost efficient production of deep uv LED technology, using cheap silicone instead of sapphire as base plate making deep uv LED light source, can sharply cut costs.

  The process of the past, in order to let electricity pass through are stripping insulation as part of the substrate。 New method is on the silicone substrate attached to a layer of aluminum nitride as an insulator, and then open multiple microporous let electricity pass through are on it。 To do so without stripping the insulation, drastically shortened process, need five days before work can be shortened to 1 day, and avoid the damage of the LED when stripping the insulation, luminous efficiency is also improved。

  At the same time, in the process of the development of UV LED lighting in China, to draw lessons from the development of LED industry experience, in the industry layout, market access, non-tariff trade barriers, etc, to strengthen the research and preparation, especially intellectual property rights, reduce the patent in the competition of technology and market risk in the future.

河北快3   Now, the UV LED is still in the early stage of development, the domestic only a few companies such as Jason electrical access. But with the advent of technology and price to large cut into the market timing, UV LED and LED lighting development, attract various capital investment, scale development boom, or trigger further market structure changes.

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